Grow your Business with Public Speaking

When it is done well, public speaking is the most powerful tool of leverage.
It allows you to be recognized as an authority, communicating your unique value better while expanding the audience you reach.

Being clear, confident and passionate about your offer, everyone will follow you.
Work with the people you want, doing what you love, for values that matter to you!

Your words can make the difference!

Why should you invest in your public speaking?

  • Stand out and let people know why and how you are UNIQUE.
  • Captivate the audience so that they want to follow you and work with you.
  • Maximize the perceived value of your products and services.
  • Become an authority in your field by being acknowledged by your peers.
  • Reach out to new markets and generate more revenue.

About me

My mission is to help business leaders and entrepreneurs to make impacting presentations and business communication.

I’m a public speaker, workshops facilitator and one-on-one public speaking coach.
I have done three TEDx Talks (my first one is reaching 200’000 views!) and I’ve been a TEDx Speaker Coach.
I am passionate about maximizing the impact of communication using storytelling, emotions and both verbal and non-verbal communication.

My passion for storytelling and communication also led me to speaking 12 languages, directing an awarded feature-length movie, being invited at international festivals to teach theater , and many more adventures…

To know more about me, visit my LinkedIn profile:

What I Offer

Three levels of approach to face all situations.


A talk is the perfect way to share knowledge and experience with a wide audience.


In a workshop, you can use the group dynamic to trigger learning by emulation.

1-on-1 Sessions

Let’s go in depth and get rid of personal stumbling blocks with 1-on-1 sessions.


Finding meaning in these topics


  • Talk like a TED Speaker
    Let your words move your audience
  • Get to the Point!
    Identify your core message
  • Video Marketing
    You’ve got 1 min to get a like


  • Show What you’re Worth
    Take control of the job interview
  • Find your Purpose
    Identify your strengths and values
  • Let your Resume Stand Out
    Get on the top of the pile


  • The Polyglot Mindset
    The path to quick learning
  • Efficient Vocabulary Learning
    Mindset and methods
  • Improve your Pronunciation
    Imitate, stop repeating



    Give me more information about what you need help with.

    Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail to see how we can collaborate!
    hello [at] sebastiennunez.com