What do you do?

I analyze your project to reveal its full potential.
Then I train you to present it in a powerful way.

Being clear, confident and passionate about your offer, everyone will follow you.
Work with the people you want, doing what you love, for values that matter to you!

I give you the means to achieve your goals.

Why do I do it?

  • I do it because it helps you understand better your own project.
  • I do it because it helps you finding the motivation pushing you, and the vision dragging you. You stay motivated and focused.
  • I do it because if you’re clear and passionate about your project, you shine as gold. Everyone will fight to get you.
  • I do it because I want to see you succeed. Using your full potential you are building a better world.


I’m a public speaker (watch my TED Talk) and a coach in meaningfulness.
I’m also a filmmaker (my movie was selected at the Byron Bay Film Festival), speaking over 10 languages, an improv actor, and much more…
In whatever I do, I’m passionate about meaningful storytelling. Whatever is said should have value and purpose for the person listening.

I offer conferences, workshops and 1-on-1 session to help people to understand what is their message, their intention, their goal. Once it’s clear, we can focus on the best ways to express it, in any situation (website, meeting, pitch, interview, public speaking…).

What I Offer

Three levels of approach to face all situations.


A talk is the perfect way to share knowledge and experience with a wide audience.


In a workshop, you can use the group dynamic to trigger learning by emulation.

1-on-1 Sessions

Let’s go in depth and get rid of personal stumbling blocks with 1-on-1 sessions.


Finding meaning in these topics


  • Talk like a TED Speaker
    Let your words move your audience
  • Get to the Point!
    Identify your core message
  • Video Marketing
    You’ve got 1 min to get a like


  • Show What you’re Worth
    Take control of the job interview
  • Find your Purpose
    Identify your strengths and values
  • Let your Resume Stand Out
    Get on the top of the pile


  • The Polyglot Mindset
    The path to quick learning
  • Efficient Vocabulary Learning
    Mindset and methods
  • Improve your Pronunciation
    Imitate, stop repeating

And much more!
If you’re committed, my passion is to help.


Coming events

May 21 – Talk Like a TED Speaker: The Recipe for a Great Talk [ToastMasters Convention]
May 24 – Fuel for Success: How to find your Purpose [Dimension 5]
May 27 – TED Speaker (to be disclosed) [TEDxUniMelb]

Past events

Apr 4 – TEDx: The Art of Success [TEDxStKilda Open Mic]
Mar 29 – The Polyglot Mindset: How I Managed to Learn 12 Languages [Mundo Lingo]
Mar 18 – Video Marketing Workshop: 60 seconds to engage your audience [Blockchain Centre]
Mar 07 – Social Media for Small Businesses [Blockchain Centre]
Mar 03 – Video Marketing 101 (Interactive Talk) [Dimension 5] FREE
Feb 2 – Learn languages like a polyglot: fast, efficient and fun
Jan 20 – Take Control of your Job Interview: a Workshop for People with Ambition
Jan 19 – How to Love your Job: An Introductory Workshop to Change your Perception of Work
Jan 12 – How to Love your Job: An Introductory Workshop to Change your Perception of Work



Give me more information about what you need help with.

Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail or call me to see how we can collaborate!
hello [at] sebastienroger.com – 0412.950.250


Why Video Marketing is so Compelling

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