Find A Job You Love, Right Now!

Find A Job You Love, Right Now!

To find a job you love, you have to change your mindset and the way you perceive job seeking.

Let’s go from “begging for a position” to “hunting for a perfect job”, where you will take control of the job interview.

In these sessions, we will adapt to your most urgent needs. The focus can include:

  • Working on your resume, cover letter and/or job interview
  • Revealing and highlighting your true assets
  • Becoming more clear and passionate to the recruiters’ ears
  • Shifting the mindset where you’re the one making the offer (your services)
  • Expanding the career change possibilities using your skills, values, and assets

We will work in private coaching sessions and can extend the focus of the session to more areas (life coaching, business coaching [becoming a freelancer]) if the need is expressed.

Money issues and further questions

Having trouble gathering the money right now? Any question regarding the organization?
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