What I Offer

Three levels of approach to face all situations.


A talk is the perfect way to share knowledge and experience with a wide audience.


In a workshop, you can use the group dynamic to trigger learning by emulation.

1-on-1 Sessions

Let’s go in depth and get rid of personal stumbling blocks with 1-on-1 sessions.


Finding meaning in these topics


  • Talk like a TED Speaker
    Let your words move your audience
  • Get to the Point!
    Identify your core message
  • Video Marketing
    You’ve got 1 min to get a like


  • Show What you’re Worth
    Take control of the job interview
  • Find your Purpose
    Identify your strengths and values
  • Let your Resume Stand Out
    Get on the top of the pile


  • The Polyglot Mindset
    The path to quick learning
  • Efficient Vocabulary Learning
    Mindset and methods
  • Improve your Pronunciation
    Imitate, stop repeating

And much more!
If you’re committed, my passion is to help.


Coming events

May 21 – Talk Like a TED Speaker: The Recipe for a Great Talk [ToastMasters Convention]
May 24 – Fuel for Success: How to find your Purpose [Dimension 5]
May 27 – TED Speaker (to be disclosed) [TEDxUniMelb]

Past events

Apr 4 – TEDx: The Art of Success [TEDxStKilda Open Mic]
Mar 29 – The Polyglot Mindset: How I Managed to Learn 12 Languages [Mundo Lingo]
Mar 18 – Video Marketing Workshop: 60 seconds to engage your audience [Blockchain Centre]
Mar 07 – Social Media for Small Businesses [Blockchain Centre]
Mar 03 – Video Marketing 101 (Interactive Talk) [Dimension 5] FREE
Feb 2 – Learn languages like a polyglot: fast, efficient and fun
Jan 20 – Take Control of your Job Interview: a Workshop for People with Ambition
Jan 19 – How to Love your Job: An Introductory Workshop to Change your Perception of Work
Jan 12 – How to Love your Job: An Introductory Workshop to Change your Perception of Work