Speaker Reel

Speaker Reel 2018 — Sébastien Nuñez


Video Transcript

Everyone has a story that we need to hear.

Because you have gone through things in life that only you have gone through and you have solved problems in that unique way of yours. And other people need to find out about how you went through that.

So it’s not about you being on stage.

Like right now this is not about me telling you all this. This is about me trying to enable you to go through what I’ve gone through earlier.

How are you unique? How are you different from others?
It’s easy because there are other people doing the same thing that you do. But when people tell you: “Oh! It’s like that…” You’re like “NOOO!” “It’s not like that because…” And it forces you to define how you’re unique.

Can you name just one important historical leader that has changed the world that doesn’t master the art of speech?
This tool, this art, has the power to persuade, to convince crowds to follow you and your ideas.

You can invest as many hours as you want in your company but the key moment is when you convince people.

If you’re not enthusiastic about your project, your service, I won’t be! It’s contagious. If you’re not confident about your project, I won’t be. If you’re not clear, I won’t be!

Does that happen to you that someone tells you something really nice and you’re like: “I don’t trust that guy.” You know how to read people. People know how to read you.

Now I want you to close your eyes. I want you to imagine what it would feel like, to feel that you’re ready and that now you have everything it takes to come up one this stage and do an improvised TED Talk.

Thank you!