The 5 Essential “Be” for your Video Marketing


Video Transcript

On social media, videos drag a lot of attention. But it’s also really competitive. I want to share with you 5 essential “be” to make people watch your video until the end.

#1. Be clear
If I get confused at any point while I’m watching your video, I’ll just scroll down.

#2. Be short
Even if I’m really interested in what you have to say, if I see that the video is over 2 minutes long I might just not click on it.

#3. Be confident
If you’re not comfortable while you’re talking to the camera I’m not comfortable watching you talking to the camera. Uneasiness is contagious.

#4. Be engaging
This is your topic. This is your moment. You have to be passionate. I want you to smile, and to be enthusiastic. If you’re bored, I’m bored.

#5. Be yourself
That’s why we want to see videos. I want to see who you are. I want to connect with you. Some people might not like you the way you are. But the ones who will, will love you.

So I’ll just recap. Be clear and short. Be confident and engaging. But most of all, be yourself. That’s who we want to see.

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The future is here and it’s called video.